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COVID-19 Precautions

We look forward to seeing you at your upcoming appointment! To keep us all safe, we have instituted some precautions.

First, please call to cancel if you cannot make it or if you or anybody you are in contact with has had a fever or illness.

Second, please follow these protocols:

  • We will have hand sanitizer available for you to use when you enter.
  • After sanitizing your hands, we will provide masks and gloves for your personal use. We would like for you to change into our masks and gloves so that nothing will be brought in to the office that could contain contaminants.
  • We will take your temperature with a touchless thermometer.
  • Please be sure to remove all makeup prior to coming in if you are going to a procedure done on your face.
  • The bathroom will be closed during this time (sorry!)
  • No food, drinks or pets allowed. The fewer items you come in with, the better!
  • Please only use your cell phone if necessary.  
  • Try to have your Brilliant Distinctions Rewards activated BEFORE you come in if you are having Botox or filler treatments. 

We will also wear masks and gloves, changed between each client, and full sanitation with hospital-grade sani-wipes for all surfaces. 

We appreciate you being on time so that we will not have more than one client in the office at a time. 

Thank you for helping us all stay safe!

Please Contact Us with Any Questions



Monday: 10-2

Tuesday: 3:30-8

Wednesday: 9-3

Thursday: 9-4

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Once per month by appointment only


38 Vanderbilt Avenue
Suite F
Norwood, MA 02062
(781) 762-2800

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