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Sun Damage

Medical Laser Solutions - Sun Damage Repair

Although most people love the warmth and light of the sun, too much sun exposure can significantly damage human skin. Those who enjoy the outdoors have some degree of sun damage. Up until the last twenty or thirty years, few people really protected their skin with effective sunscreens, and most of us spent endless hours basking in the sun and burning our skin (but it looked so good!). After years of sun exposure, skin dries out, depleting the supply of natural lubricating oils. This causes dryness, shriveling of the skin, and wrinkles. In addition, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause burning and long-term changes in the skin’s structure, including brown spots, red spots, broken blood vessels, and damage to collagen (the main protein in the skin). Symptoms of collagen changes include fine lines, deeper wrinkles, and a thickened skin texture. Obvious long term results of sun damage can result in health and cosmetic concerns.

Once your dermatologist determines that your sun damage does not show any signs of skin cancer, we can help you get rid of the years of sun damage to your skin. IPL, laser, chemical peels, and skincare products are all considered to see which treatments will be most beneficial for you. We can help you turn back the years to skin that is softer, smoother, lighter, and damage-free.