In the esthetics industry since 2005, I have been impressed with the advances, safety and solutions to so many esthetic concerns. But for me, Kybella is the most exciting product introduced, permanently eliminating fat under the chin, with no surgery or its risks!

It is the first, and only, injectable treatment for double chin. Results are most comparable to liposuction, a much more expensive, aggressive, painful and risky procedure with more down time.

Especially with esthetic treatments, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at a couple of our before and after photos…

When I talk to patients about Kybella, their concern is what this “chemical” is that can “permanently get rid of fat.” The best part of this is that it is a naturally-occurring substance in our bodies. Kybella is made of deoxycholic acid, which is a stomach acid. When injected, the deoxycholic acid breaks down fat cells in the treated area. Over a series of about 3 treatments, fat cells are destroyed, and will not grow back in the treated area. (You only produce fat cells in adolescence and during pregnancy. Current fat cells you have can expand in size, but new ones are never developed).

The destruction of these cells is then followed by the body’s natural elimination and healing process. This process is slow but steady, and the fat cells are typically removed from the area within 4-6 weeks after receiving the injections.

The fat reduction shrinks the area under the chin to match the rest of your face and neck and contours the jawline.

Depending on the amount of fat in the area and your goals, the number of treatments vary, but for most people range between two and four treatments.

Our patients have reported improved self-perception, feeling happier and younger, they were less embarrassed about their chin and less self-conscious. They even felt less overweight (although their weight had not changed). Results are noticeable in four to six weeks and last for years and years.

So, if the area around your jawline and/or under your chin bother you, come in for a free consult. We can discuss your goals, the procedure, costs (and cost savings through Allergan), and what to expect post-treatment with your younger, leaner look!